European Meeting of Railway Modellers 
Workshops and model railway show
 Krakow,23-25 June 2017


On behalf of the organizers we would like to interest you in the project
                                                   "European Meeting of Railway Modellers 2017
                                                         Workshops and model railway show
                                                                   Krakow, 23-25 June 2017"

The idea behind the project is to meet the representatives of associations of enthusiasts and modeling clubs from across Europe in the first quarter of 2017 and to build a common scale model of railway stations of European cities as well as create an integrated timetable.
Maquette will be open to the public. Exhibition will be a perfect opportunity to bring together experts in the industry, and will allow them to exchange the knowledge and experiences, as well as make new contacts, and even start regional cooperation. It is also an innovative form of training the young and the students. During the exhibition modelers from European countries will present a scale model of railway stations in Europe. The final part of the work will be driving a train across the whole maquette.

This project was recognized by the Marshal of the Malopolska Region and received funding under the program "Malopolska, Our Region, Our Opportunity".

Since September 2014 we have been promoting the project in Poland and other European countries.